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Research & Development

Improving Technique and Stacking
Know-how through developing various
breakers and attachments

Since 2003, JAB Co., Ltd. started production of Rock Splitter and had served local industry for several years obtaining the best reputation.
Since 2006, we've been manufacturing hydraulic breakers in the newly expanded factory area of up-to-dated facilities in Korea.
We, JAB Co., Ltd. are strongly committed to create maximum value for customer's satisfaction by quality, service and performance,
The maturity of quality system was validated in 2005, 2008 after it was certified to the ISO9001 and CE on our products.
JAB Co., Ltd. has a high level of technical competence both gas typed breaker(JB-Series) and totally hydraulic typed breaker(RB-Series) to meet each customer's satisfaction in the world.

Wide Compatibility
All JAB breakers are optimized to work with every brand of excavators, skid steers,
compact track loaders, and compact backhoe loaders, and are compatible with
the most competitive models in the world.
Both their general versatility and compatibility with a broad spectrum of carriers
make these breakers genuine all-rounders.
Plus, they're backed by a one-year warranty and one of a kind parts and service.
See your local JAB authorized dealers for details.

The simplistic ollflow design enables the correct impact force to be synchronized with
the speed of each blow and the particular application, improving efficiency and saving
you time.
Operator can control the ratio of impact energy to impact rate so as to maximize
percussive performance.

Powerful & Tough
The larger accumulator in the JB-Series Breaker creates higher impact force while minimizing
impact vibration.
This in turn reduces damage and wear to both machine and breaker. The simplistic but effective design of JAB Breakers make them easier on both excavators and fuel consumption.
JAB Breaker chisels are now made from larger diameter sections to reduce breakages.
The lower section of the box housing is made from tough, abrasion resistant material for use in harsh environments.

Quality Control System

Every component of the JAB Breaker range has been engineered to combine optimum alloy steel and heat treatment to create maximum durability and rigidity.
JAB Breakers also incorporate easily replaceable wear items for quicker maintenance.
We have built our name on sustainable after-sales service, and will keep striving to make your priorities our main focus.
Should, however, in spite of thorough testing procedures, defects in material or manufacture occur, these will be covered in accordance with JAB Warranty Policy.